MISSION EXTERIOR STUCCO is manufactured with natural materials. The Portland Cement and Hydrated lime are rocks that are mined, crushed to a powder and processed to make a product. The sand is mined, washed and graded for our use. A combination of these products mixed with water will harden now and continue to get harder with age. Being a natural product, variations in color are possible. Normally, fast drying will make a lighter shade and slow drying will be darker. (See Special Note) Exterior stucco is to be applied over a portland brown coat, or over sandblasted cement walls, in a float or texture finish. It is in 90 lb. sacks and one sack  wilI cover 15-20 sq. yd. in a float finish or 10-15 sq. yd. in various textures or machine dash finish. A special 20/30 mix can be made when a smooth trowel "MISSION FINISH" is wanted. This smooth finish will produce lighter color shades, and any cracking will show more on a smooth wall than a textured wall.


Stucco Color Finishes

Since 1945


Under normal conditions exterior stucco produces uniform colors. If inclement weather, variations in thickness, new patching on an older wall, or other circumstances lead to mottled colors, specify FOG COAT in the same color for a more uniform color. Follow the mixing instructions and apply with a pressure tank sprayer.

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